Therapeutic treatment


Tooth decay, e.g. the disruption of tooth enamel, is an ailment undermining the tooth tissue. The culprit blind most of these infections is the bacteria

Streptococus mutant, caught on the teeth and excreting corrosive acid. The treatment of tooth decays is largely dependent on the stage of the disease, but the most common form of decay elimination is drilling off the infected tooth tissue and replacing it with a dental filling. This should be a perfectly safe, functional and long-standing dental procedure that can fulfil the aesthetic demands of the patient.

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In the case of decay or injury brought about by an infected dental pulp, it would be necessary to treat the root canals. This is often the crucial intervention determining the future state of your teeth, which is why it is extremely important to do it meticulously.

Following the basic examination, the intervention consists of the purification, expansion and filling of the root canals with the help of high-tech modern equipment. It is necessary to treat all the root canals all the way to the very end of the root. By leaving the canal unfilled or insufficiently purified, one could increase the chance for infection and following complications which could result in the tooth extraction.

The doctors from our clinic are capable of effectively treating this condition with the help of high-standart diagnostic and preparational equipment.

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