The patients‘ comfort

The patients‘ comfort

Visiting a dentist is often associated with many unpleasant emotions, sometimes even phobias. EUROSTOM clinic, however, disproves these myths.

Our environment is extremely pleasant, calm, with kind and communicative staff on hand.

You will receive all necessary information at the reception. You can wait for your treatment session in a cosy anteroom with Wifi connection and hot beverages on offer.

There is also a children’s playground where your children can be taken care of during your appointment. If the client is extremely nervous about his procedure, he can take somebody with them into the surgery.

All our rooms are air-conditioned and with barrier-free access. There is also a couple of parking lots in close proximity to the clinic.

To meet the needs of our busy clients, we elongated our working hours and can even make special exceptions to arrange appointments when necessary.

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